The SGRR School of Basic & Applied Sciences has been incepted to excel in the field of research and academics for the sustainable excellence in various courses of science.

SGRRSBAS has provided its traditional and ideals while keeping pace with societal and technological advancements. This motto has enabled us to emerge as one of the strong pillars of the edifice of higher education. The School strives to provide the tools of continuous learning, imbibe skills of creativity, nurture attitude of problem-solving and qualities of leadership in its students.


SGRRSBAS has exhibited phenomenal growth and achieved great heights since the inception. However, we now need to take ourselves to the next level. This articulates the actions we need to take to position ourselves as an outstanding school.
The areas of focus for the outsatnding performance various means of adaption for best practices in academia have been undertaken..

Innovative and Best Practices Followed at SGRRSBAS
  • Course Delivery Mapping
  • Peer Review of Teaching
  • Botanical Garden
  • Research Motivated teaching guidance
  • e-content development
  • Peer Tutoring
  • External Audit of Academics