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SGRRU placement record has been excellent over the past years. The institute’s graduates are sought after by the Industry and they have been working successfully in different organizations throughout the country.

The main endeavor of the training and placement cell is to get students placed in reputed multinationals, government organizations, the private sector, etc. All students are provided placement assistance, counseling for employment and self/Social entrepreneurship. The Placement cell assures logistic support to the visiting companies at every stage of the placement process by making our infrastructure available to them. The placement cell also acts as an interface between the industry and the students and primarily enables the students to select from their career options. We also conduct seminars and workshops to enable the students of our institute to become successful professionals.

The placement cell also coordinates and conducts various industrial visits with major multinational and government organizations to give your students first-hand exposure of the cooperate world so they can develop themselves for the future.

Our team has also been successful in conducting various seminars which include spokespersons from the big corporate house who share their experiences with our students and enlighten them about the current conditions and the now how of their respective fields. This ensures that our students are up to date with the current market situation and can choose their career path equipped with all the essential knowledge of their desired fields.

It is our goal to make sure that our students are prepared for any recruitment or selection process and we have been very successfully doing so by achieving cent percent placement for the past few years


SGRR enables the students to bridge the gap between the Academia and Corporate world. The various components of the Pre-Placement Training Programs include sessions on Presentation Skills, Group Discussion Skills, Debate Skills, Interviews Skills & Mock Interviews, etc. Company-specific orientation is conducted for students prior to all the placement drives organized by the institution.


The role of the Training and Placement Cell is a facilitator and counselor for placement related activities. Training and Placement Cell does not guarantee a job.


Requirements of a company are received for campus recruitment. The details are shared with the department heads and students about the recruitment. The department shortlists the candidates and sends the same to the T&P Cell. The list of students is then forwarded to the corporate.


The T&P Cell will shortlist the students from the database matching the company requirements and the same are sent to the corporate for further action.

  • Only the students of final year are eligible and entitled to get placements via campus.
  • Companies are expected to give a Pre-Placement Talk [PPT] laying out the details of the company and the offer before the process.
  • Once the student appears for the process, the student cannot reject the offer made by the company.
  • In case, if a company has a specific requirement/request, T&P cell has all the rights to nominate a set / individual student(s) and it is mandatory that they attend the interview. In case selected and an offer is made, the student is free to decide about the same.
  • Each student shall be eligible for only one offer. Till a confirmed offer letter is accepted by the student offered by the company.
  • A company is free to make their choice of students irrespective of their specialization.
  • The T&P Cell shall decide on slots for companies. No company will be allowed to make offers before the slotted day and time.
  • If for any reason, a company wants to conduct its process before the slotted day and time they are free to do so but they shall make the final offer on the day the company is slotted.
  • In case a student who is placed through the institute placement process takes up private placement as well in another company, it shall nullify both the offers.
  • All correspondence to and from the company will be routed through the T&P Cell only.
  • The institute will give a single offer to every student i.e. once got placed with any company the students can’t sit for another campus drive.
  • After accepting a job offer, if any student decides to withdraw his/her acceptance any time during the year, he/she must inform the company concerned through the Training and Placement Cell immediately.
  • The students should abide by rules and regulations during the placement process.
No Placement Facilitation for a student who
  • Focus on higher education.
  • Students who have less than 50% attendance.
  • Students who fail to achieve 80% attendance target in pre-placement training.
  • Student registers to attend a company's interview and on the day of interview doesn't turn up.
  • Does not attend a process despite nomination having been given.
  • Withdraws from the process Mid–Way.
  • In the placement process, s/he
    • Tells the company that s/he does not want to join them
    • Speaks negatively about the company or the Institute
    • Asks any irrelevant question or behaves in an unacceptable way during the pre-placement talk
    • Misbehaves with Training & Placement team
    • Deliberately jeopardizes any other student’s chances of getting selected
  • Students are required to follow a dress code (uniform) at the time of your placement selection process. In case any of you fails to follow the code s/he may not be allowed to appear in the process.
  • Even after placement students are required to maintain proper discipline and conduct as per the rules of the institute. In case of any non-compliance or an act of indiscipline, the Institute may be constrained to debar the defaulting student and write to the company to withdraw the appointment offer or any other punishment as the Institute may think appropriate.
  • If a student wants to opt out of the placement support of the Institute s/he must submit in writing to the T&P Cell before the commencement of the placement process. In case anyone would like to withdraw from the Institute’s Placement support after the commencement of the Placement Process, s/he may be allowed to do so provided s/he is not amongst students whose interview/selection process is under progress.
  • The ineligible student will be placed only after all the students are placed. Debarred students will be considered for placement again based on their improved performance.

The Institute reserves the right to change/modify any or all of the above-stated Placement rules and procedures whenever found necessary.

The CRC in SGRR University focuses on grooming the students outside four corners of the classroom. The main aim of the CRC is to provide a platform for the students to gain an Industrial/Research Institute exposure. Under the aegis of CRC multiple visits of students to different industries and pioneer research centres are organised on routine basis. Apart from the visits the University also focuses on organising guest lectures and workshops by esteemed dignitaries to share their work and simultaneously train/motivate our students to channelize their efforts in career orienting approach.

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