Course Overview

  • Campus
    Pathri Bagh, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India
  • Institute
    SGRR School of Humanities & Social Sciences
  • Eligibility
    Graduation with 40% marks and for SC/ST as per University Rules
  • Duration
    2 Years

Home Science practically deals with the primary and indispensable training for running a home which would ultimately result in peace, prosperity and progress of human beings. The course integrates the applications of various sciences and humanities to improve human environment, management of resources, family nutrition and human development. The knowledge of Home Science improves the quality of life. It helps in the best utilization of resources to get maximum satisfaction and returns. Home Science inculcates the spirit of service along with professional development.

Career Path

Home Scientists have great opportunities in the tourism industry as catering agents, interior designers, cooks, food analysts, bakers as well as health care professionals. They can become good dieticians, diet consultants, laboratory technicians, preschool /school teachers, subject matter specialists, extension officers, CDPOs, Mukhiya Sevikas and entrepreneurs.

Home Science enables you with skills to lead a well-balanced life. You learn various skills to manage home, child care, personal finances, food, clothing, beautification etc.

The professional career for Home Science is bright with a number of job opportunities. Graduates of Home Science can get to work at schools, colleges, welfare organizations, textiles industries, management institutions etc. They can also work as dieticians, interior designers etc.
After completing graduation in Home Science one can go for courses like masters in Home Science, Masters course in fashion designing/Textile designing, dietetics, counselling, teaching, social work, entrepreneurship, catering technology etc.
Home Science education is equally important for boys and girls because in modern world both boys and girls are working outside to earn their livelihoods. To run the house efficiently men also need the necessary skills to manage the home properly just like women.

Home Science deals with the scientific methods of handling the home. It is related to other branches of science as well. Some components of Home Science can be directly categorized under Science, like nutrition, textiles, human development etc.

On the other hand, other divisions of Home Science like Family resource management, interior decoration etc. can be counted among arts therefore, this subject is rightly said to be a combination of Science and arts.