Shri Guru Ram Rai School of Humanities and Social Sciences seeks to assist individuals in the development of a career, while at the same time cultivating values and encouraging personal growth. The school is a centre for teaching and research for all learners embracing diverse branches of learning such as Humanities, Social Sciences, (Yogic Science & Mass Communication).


Special Emphasis

on qualitative contemporary education


Fitting present & future needs

Enhanced Exposure

to career & behavioural skills development

Mentoring By

renowned experts across disciplines

Supplementary Programs

for personal & professional grooming

Zero Tolerance

for ragging & wrongdoings

Experienced Faculties

for pedagogy par excellence

External Audit

of Academics


Priyanka Gupta
Priyanka GuptaB.A. Sem. – 4
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I am the student of BA semester- 4 in SGRRU, School of Humanities and Social Sciences. I observe that the department of humanities helps us to understand others through their languages, histories and cultures. They foster social justice and equality. And they reveal how people have tried to make moral, spiritual and intellectual sense of the world. All the subjects of humanities teach empathy.
Deepa Jaiswal
Deepa JaiswalM.A. English, Semester- 2
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About overall best University rating, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in SGRR University and I would strongly encourage student to apply here for PG or UG courses.
Pranita Sharma
Pranita SharmaM.A. English, Semester- 2
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As a PG student, I have access to the lectures. The people, to whom I came in the contact, after admission, were the teaching team who has been very helpful in offering advice for my future career goals. Thanks SGRR University
Keshav Mamgain
Keshav MamgainB.Sc Semester- 2, Yogic Science
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My overall college experience has been quite enjoyable. This is because of friendly nature of all professors and good learning atmosphere. In the month of December I got injury so I visit to Shri Mahant Hospital. I find that the staff top to bottom are very helpful sweet spoken and supporting here.
Varsha Singh
Varsha SinghM.Sc. Semester- 2 Yogic Science
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I am pursuing M.Sc. Yogic Science from the SGRR University. The education quality is excellent here. The School keep on doing various cultural activities every Saturday of all week. It is helpful to enrich the cultural quality of all students.
Neha Pal
Neha PalB.A 6 Semester
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I am the student of B.A final semester. My journey here of last 3years is excellent. Field trips, Survey camp, fresher party, cultural and sports programs all will always keep with my sweet memories. My teachers are very supportive……They make students competitive, good learner and learn to be in discipline.
H R Akshai Kumar
H R Akshai KumarB.A. Semester – 6 (Geography & Defence)
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Shri Guru Ram Rai University is one of the top finest universities in Uttarakhand, with a wide range of course programs around the world for every brilliant mind in the nation. I'm blessed, with its unrivalled warmth for students, with the utmost support for student’s physical and mental health, to provide great educational circumstances that are essential for shaping the young minds like us. All the Best…!
Saurabh Mathpal
Saurabh MathpalMA History Semester- 2
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SGRR University is one of the best universities in Uttarakhand. Teachers here are very helpful, understanding and always available to clear doubts. The Library of the campus has easy access and all good publishers’ books are available here for UG, PG and competition exam aspirants. If one chooses this university for graduation and masters, I assure that he/she is going to have a wonderful university experience. And I am very proud to say that I am a student of SGRR University.
Shubham Gharia
Shubham GhariaM.A. Statistics, Semester- 2
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My university experience is quite good. This is because of the teachers. They are great and understanding. SGRRU gives students a vast range of courses one can go for. One can gain good opportunity here to develop overall personality with knowledge and degree. Campus is well cleaned.
Shivani Lakhera
Shivani LakheraB.A. Semester- 6 , SGRR SHSS
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I’m really happy to be studying, B.A. in SGRR University. It is an absolutely fantastic place to study. Lovely and friendly staffs that are always on hand to help. The teachers are all really knowledgeable and approachable. I made the right decision choosing BA for my education from SGRR University. I have nearly finished my UG degree in arts and I’m hoping to go on to study masters in arts here as well.
Nidhi Jain
Nidhi JainM. Sc Yogic Science, Semester- 2
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It is one of the universities which are offering degree, diploma, and certificate courses in yogic Science. I would say it is the platform to learn best as the teachers are so motivating, inspiring, dedicated. I find them always available for help even during Covid - 19 lockdown period, they has started online classes not only for theory but also practical. Thanks SGRR University to make my life so discipline and perfect.