After resounding success in many parts of world, the concept of ‘The wall of charity’ or ‘Neki Ki Diwar’ has been put to use in Dehradun. The wall was inaugurated at the campus of Sri Guru Ram Rai Institute of Technology and Science (SGRRITS) on Tuesday.

The purpose of the wall is that someone can place the thing he or she wanted to donate on the wall and those in need of the thing of their choice can pick it from here. These walls are being put up in many parts of the world and are appreciated for the ingenuity of the idea and the easy approach of donation.

On Tuesday, the Director of SGRRITS, Preeti Kothiyal, inaugurated the Wall of Charity. Speaking on the occasion she said, “The management, faculty and students of SGRRITS have made this wall with the motive that whatever is surplus you leave here, and whatever is needed by you, you pick up from here.’’

She said that this is a praiseworthy initiative by the students and staff members of SGRRITS, which will be a motivating example for the whole of Dehradun city. Kothiyal added this will fill in the noble feeling of social service and humanity in them and at the same time the economically weaker students will be considerably benefited. The occasion was marked by the presence of all the faculty members and students of SGRRITS.